World Peace Hologram

Introduction Welcome to RPA's World Peace Hologram program. The World Peace Hologram is a manifestation of our vision to bring greater coherence to each one of us, to our relationships, to our communities, and to the world. Participating in this program is one way to be the change we wish to see in the world. This program was initially launched in the aftermath of 9/11 and at the time dedicated RPA volunteers filled a calendar so that weekly sessions were offered to a subscriber list. The program ran actively until 2011 and also in response to the earthquake in Haiti.

The February 2015 WPH re-launch Re-launched at the February 2015 RPA Conference, the new vision is a long term strategy and aims to create a community of support among practitioners. It aims to support practitioners to establish a web presence, directly connect with subscribers, while giving the public an opportunity to experience Resonance Repatterning in large group proxy sessions. We intend that through this program the public finds you and your services to help them with their problems. Together volunteers will learn the technical and cutting edge marketing skills needed.

Subscribers receive weekly emails with announcements of new sessions posted, followed up session reports or inspired articles by posted by members. Most of all we'll be providing a service to the public that makes a difference in the world.

Changing technology and volunteer demands required that we rethink how this program is delivered. A change to the basic structure of offering this service to the public and use of precious volunteer resources was necessary. The 2015 re-launch brings several significant changes.

  • a weekly newsletter announces any new posted events
  • a required signup for every session in which they wish to actively participate
  • the option of choosing sessions by topic or by the practitioner
  • more interaction with the program is facilitated by blog comments or forms provided by the practitioners
  • the requirement of a account, Gmail address and learn to manage their events at the blog website.
  • the option to offer any number sessions
  • all new announcements are posted in the weekly newsletter to participants as well as available on the blog/website
  • more visibility for practitioners through link displays on the website sidebar.
  1. Visit the website and become familiar with the program and how it is offered to the public.
  2. Become a WPH Volunteer by signing up at the RPA Store. Your registration includes a detailed WPH manual with instructions on how to get started, as well as a WPH Repatterning that you may opt to use for the sessions.
Weekly News and Updates
  1. Visit the website and become familiar with the program and how it is offered to the public.
  2. Sign Up as a Subscriber