RPA Store

Overview All RPA purchases are made at a separately hosted shopping cart website.Our shopping cart provides you with an account based on your membership level.

Logging in to the shopping cart For security purposes this site requires that you have a separate user name and password that is linked to your membership level. You may browse the entire site but you will have to log in to purchase items.

If you create a new account, it will be subject to approval by the administrator.

  1. Access the RPA Store at www.rpamembers.com (you will leave the current website)
  2. Click the Login hyper link.
  3. Enter your email address and password.
  4. When you are logged in, a 'Welcome, 'your name' " message will appear in the upper right corner of your screen.
  5. If you require assistance please call the RPA at 1-800-685-2811.

Purchases and Downloads Once you have made a purchase you are emailed a receipt. Your receipt contains a download link. Click this link to access any related materials or downloads associated with your purchase.

Membership Fees and Renewals All Certified Practitioner Members, Student Members, Associate Members and Designated Observers can pay or renew their membership at the RPA Store. Membership supports the profession reputation of our Student and Certified Practitioners. It supports on-going education, skills development, community and support. Membership supports the reliably excellent experience of our clients.

Donations The Repatterning Practitioners Association welcomes your donation of any amount. As a registered 501c6 Trade Association gifts are not tax deductible.

Up-coming Events The Repatterning Practitioners Association lists the annual conference and any planned live webinars at the RPA Store.

Programs, Home Study and Downloads This section includes download courses, e-books and recordings. When you purchase an item (including the free items) and check out you will receive an emailed receipt. At the bottom of the email you will find a link for the product.

Buy a Marketplace Classified Advertisement RPA MarketPlace Classifieds provides the public with opportunities to discover the specific repatterning events, programs or specializations practitioners currently offer and want to promote. The public may subscribe to the RPA MarketPlace Classifieds Weekly to receive a notice of all the latest listings. This is published every Friday Morning. The RPA MarketPlace Classifieds link is found on relevant pages of our website and blogs, and in our public mailings to subscribers such as World Peace Hologram or newsletters.

Classifieds may be purchased for a 3 month period for time limited events or 12 months for items that have no expiry. This is an ideal place for practitioners to promote a sign-up link for their subscriber list.