RPA Social Media

Everyone has their favorite way to stay in touch. Some strictly manage communications on a home computer, others on a tablet and a growing number are managing all communications on a smart phone. Some members are strictly email or by phone, while others like to get all of their news on a Twitter feed or Facebook.

Our very basic social media strategy is meant to provide you with you some alternative options to receiving news and leaving comments. In addition to sending emails and occasional newsletters, currently RPA maintains a blog for association announcements and another to host the World Peace Hologram program. We also have a twitter account.

The RPA Blog At this blog the board members post announcements, updates and messages of interest to our members. The posts are sent to members in a weekly blog newsletter containing a summary of posts since the last newsletter. The navigation links take you back to either the main rpamembers.org site, the RPA Store, or links of interest.

If you have a Wordpress account you may follow the blog by selecting this option at the lower right corner of the blog. When you follow us you can control the receipt of notifications of any new messages posted. For more details read this blog post.

Your questions and comments at the blog are welcomed and give us the opportunity to answer questions from the community.


Twitter Generally our emailed newsletters and announcements published by Aweber, are simultaneously posted to our twitter account with a link. Similarly our blog posts are also posted with a link on our twitter account.


Facebook A Facebook Page is coming soon.