Mentorship Program

Click here to join as a Mentor (Certified Practitioner Members) or as a Student Practitioner Member.

An invaluable part of learning Resonance Repatterning is the tradition of doing exchanges for the purpose of practice and personal improvement. RPA is now proud to present a Mentoring Program to support Practitioners in the hope of extending these professional skills.

This is a partnership that involves the pairing of a Certified Practitioner Member and a Student Practitioner Member who are committed to professional and personal growth. They must be willing to commit both time and energy to ensure that goals are met.

Those Students and Certified Practitioners Members, who are in good standing with the RPA, may sign up for the program. Participants are paired off according to interests and location and make a commitment to work together for a period of six months. In these six months, the participants arrange a monthly Check-in using whatever method works for them both, that is, in person, phone, email, skype, etc.

The Check-in is a chance for Student Practitioner Members to discuss how they are feeling and how their certification journey is going. Certified Practitioner Members offer the relevant support and guidance, and share their experiences, but do not offer advice or recommendations about the Repatterning Process or Certification.

A students and his/her mentors can decide if they want to expand their Check-in to include Accountability and/or Trades.

Accountability Student Practitioner Members can choose to be accountable to his/her mentor and set goals for the month to accelerate the certification journey.

Trades Student Practitioner Members and Certified Practitioner Member have the option of arranging trades every month - giving each other a session. The benefit for the Student Practitioner Member is that they get a chance to practice delivering a session to someone who knows the process. The benefit for the Certified Practitioner Member is that this will help them to be more aware of the latest teachings and techniques and also have the opportunity to give back to the community.

In order for the trade to be non-threatening, Student Practitioner Members can choose whether to receive feedback or not, depending on their own level of comfort, and what kind of feedback they would like.

This program is designed to be flexible so that each Student Practitioner Members, with the help of their mentor, can create a program that gives them the support that they need in their certification journey.

Click here to join as a Mentor (Certified Practitioner Members) or as a Student Practitioner Member.

Student Practitioner Members and Certified Practitioner Members can contact the RPA to discuss this further. Either send an email to or call 1-800-685-2811.