The association is self-regulated governed with membership approved by-laws. An executive board of 5-7 members are elected and meet to determine the annual budget, review and set policies, host an annual meeting, appoint committees, oversee the day to day functioning and plan the future direction of the RPA.

The Mandate The Associationís 501 c 6 status as a trade association, separate from the Resonance Repatterning Institute, was mandated by the IRS. We are granted a tax exempt status because the RPA sets standards for members aimed at protecting and serving the public good.

As a Trade Association, our mandated roles in the Resonance Repatterning Community are to:
  • Set standards for certification of our members.
  • Maintain a registry of certified practitioners in good standing.
  • Adopt and maintain a code of ethics.
  • Provide members with continuing education (CEU)opportunities as opposed to the required training provided through approved programs at the Resonance Repatterning Institute.
  • Evaluate and accredit training programs that can be recommended for the certification requirements of its members (for example-all classes listed at the Institute).
  • Promote the value of Resonance Repatterning sessions with Certified Practitioners as a means of creating higher coherence, health and well being for individuals and groups.
  • Create a positive business environment for our trade.
Requirements and restrictions of our 501 c 6 Trade Association status:
  • Every certified member is equal in terms of dues, benefits and opportunities.
  • Student practitioners and student memberships are supported on their path towards becoming a certified member.
  • All members are empowered to participate in the setting of standards and programs per the adopted by-laws.
  • Governance is by an elected board of directors, which meets monthly.
  • An Annual Meeting and financial report insures all RPA business is transparent to its membership.
  • We promote the work of all members; we cannot promote the work of any one member for their personal financial gain, nor directly sell their licensed classes or products.
  • We are entitled to earn our operating costs through membership fees and the sale of trainings, events and other support materials to our membership.
  • We can publish a Journal and collect fees for ads.

The Bylaws RPA Bylaws (June 2012)