CEU Policy - Certified Practitioner Members and Student Practitioners Members

Effective December 2015, the US Repatterning Practitioners Association Executive Board has approved the following continuing education unit (hours) requirements Certified and Student Practitioners.

Personal growth and continued learning is a core value of The Repatterning Practitioners Association.   The Continuing Education Policy supports this core value with learning requirements for stages of membership:

Stage 1 - Pursue Personal Interest

Stage 2 - Acquire Skill and Competence

Stage 3 - Demonstrate Professional Expertise, Leadership or Continuing Growth

Stage 1 Ė Pursue Personal Interest 

At the Associate or Student membership stage members are encouraged to continue their studies and understanding of the Resonance Repatterning system. Reporting is not requested.

Stage 2 - Acquire Skill and Competence
(Declared Intention to Become a Skilled Competent Practitioner)

At the Student Practitioner stage, members are required to continue their studies and understanding of the Resonance Repatterning system by having 32 hours of continuing education units within a 2 year period from the approved list, annually until certified.  Student practitioners are required to be a member in good standing of the Repatterning Practitioners Association U.S.A. 

Qualifying Training in Resonance Repatterning:

         Empowering Yourself with Resonance Repatterning (8 hours)

         The Fundamentals of Resonance Repatterning (16 hours)

         Transforming Primary Patterns (16 hours

         Transforming Unconscious Patterns (16 hours)

         Transforming Chakra Patterns (16 hours)

         Transforming Meridian and Five Element Patterns (16 hours)

         Principles of Relationship (24)

         A New Vision (24)

         Energetics of Relationship (24)

         Advanced Meridians I and II Seminars (24 hours each)

         Inner Cultivation (6 days)

         RR Practitioner Skills Development Days/ RR Personal Process Days / Allied

         Teleconference training approved by the Repatterning Practitioners Association (hours may vary)

         The Repatterning Practitioners Association Conference (hours may vary)

         Magui Blockís Healing the Family System Training

         RR related skills development, workshops, study groups or seminars offered by an approved RRI teacher or RPA approved Designated Observer

Stage 3 - Demonstrate Professional Expertise, Leadership or Continuing Growth

At the Certified Practitioner stage, members are required to report on an activity or field of study they are pursuing for their own continuing education.  The members choose the direction of their own continuing education and share their activity annually in a memo to RPA Admin.   Suggested options for self-directed CEUís are listed below.

This stage of growth recognizes members as self-responsible professionals whose membership achievements to date have demonstrated their commitment to the core value of growth and learning.  Stage 3 requirements, also play a dual role of volunteer recruitment and leadership development that will contribute to the ongoing sustainability of RPA


Certified members demonstrate continued growth, leadership and community participation by reporting their related activities or studies activity from the following list:

         Complete any of the CEU approved courses

         Complete a course of study including free webinars or online courses that support any aspect of the practitioners service or practice

         Expand knowledge base through reading one or more books in the field of personal development, alternative healing, healing generally, or the business side of practice  

         Volunteer for the RPA Board, committee work, or projects such as the Mentoring Program or World Peace Hologram

         Present information to the public or to peers related to RR at the RPA conference or events

         Develop RR based Seminars/Workshops

         Create another growth activity detailed by the member.

16 Hours is recommended not required. 

When to Report CEUís

Members may report their CEUs at any time.

In the renewal process members are sent a reminder email to update their CEUs record for the year.