Responsibilities of a Designated Observer

Approved Designated Observers have an extraordinary responsibility to the students they assist. They not only provide the practical direction needed for students to progress in their Resonance Repatterning skills and knowledge but, perhaps more importantly, they give Student Practitioners the encouragement, hope and reflection of their strengths upon which they can build a stronger foundation as a Resonance Repatterning Practitioner. Although an Approved Designated Observer does not actually certify students - that is the job of the RPA Board - their recommendations to the Board for certification and their role in documenting the certification process is crucial. The Approved Designated Observer also has the following responsibilities to students:

  1. Review some of the Student Practitioner's practice session records. Check not for neatness, but completeness of the process, notation of muscle checking in the margins, and anything else worthy of feedback.
  2. If the Student Practitioner has had previous Tutorial Observations, read the feedback before this Tutorial Observation so that you can determine what needs to be demonstrated in this session. Note whether the Student Practitioner has integrated the previous feedback.
  3. Observe the Student Practitioner demonstrating their knowledge and skills in the Tutorial Observation and provide constructive feedback verbally and in writing on the appropriate feedback form.
  4. Give the Student Practitioner the written feedback by a mutually agreed upon time.
  5. When a Student Practitioner has scheduled a Tutorial Observation with you, honor their effort and commitment by ensuring that they receive the Tutorial Observation. At the time you and the Student Practitioner schedule the Tutorial Observation, clarify whether they must arrange for their own client or whether the client will be provided for them. Note that a tutorial with a client new to HR is not required.
  6. When scheduling a Tutorial Observation with a Student Practitioner, ascertain which required competencies they need to demonstrate and allow enough time for the Student Practitioner to demonstrate one or more of their required competencies and receive feedback.
  7. Review the Student Practitioner’s Summary of Completions Form.
  8. Check off the requirements completed on the Summary of Completions Form.

Responsibilities of the Approved Designated Observer for the Tutorial Observation Intended for Certification

  1. Check the Student Practitioners’ Summary of Completions Form to ensure that the Student Practitioner has completed all requirements before recommending them for certification.
  2. Follow the same procedures as in the Tutorial Observation sessions.
  3. Clarify to the Student Practitioner that you do not certify. You have agreed to observe, give feedback and make your recommendation for certification only. It is the Resonance Repatterning Association that grants certification.
  4. The Approved Designated Observer does not sign anything that states that certification is complete. The Resonance Repatterning Association will send the practitioner candidate their certification certificate.
  5. Upon your recommendation for certification, the student will provide you the Student Practitioner’s Summary of Completions Form and the Recommendation for Certification Form for you to complete, sign and the student will send these, along with their Acknowledgement of the Code of Ethics form and a copy of the Feedback Form for the final Tutorial Observation to the Certification Board of the Resonance Repatterning Association.
  6. Email the RPA Certification Board Chairperson the name and contact information of the student you are recommending for certification.