DO Fees

  • Designated Observer Annual Fee (Paid Annually) - This fee has to be paid annually in January. This fee ensures that Designated Observer's maintain their DO status.
  • Designated Observer Training (Once off Payment) - Members have to take the DO Training in order to become certified as a designated observer. This is a once-off payment when a RR Practitioner decides to do the training.
  • New Designated Observer Set-up fee (Once off Payment) - This is a licence fee that DO's must pay in order to be an agent of the RPA in order to perform observations. DOs also get an extra listing on the 'DO Listing Page'.
  • Renew Annual Certified Member in Good Standing (Paid Annually) - This is the standard fee that all Resonance Repatterning Practitioners must pay in order to maintain their membership and certification.
  • RPA Full Web Page Listing DO (Paid Annually) - Select this option to advertise your services on the RPAmembers website.