RPA Committees

The RPA comprises various committees, although many of these committees consist of members from the RPA Board Members.

In June 2012, the membership voted to adopt new bylaws which created a five to nine person Executive Committee and an Advisory Board.

At present we have:

Executive Committee Keep in mind the following

  • You are morally responsible to help operate the association with integrity, coherence and accountability to members.
  • You have chosen to help create an association of empowered members.

The Executive Committee (RPA Board Members) consists of:

The Executive Committee is responsible for:

  • ensuring the longevity of the organization and guiding its operations so its decisions, programs and goals are consistent with its mission and philosophy
  • receiving and reviewing membership feedback from the Membership Committee
  • reviewing and approving new membership fees
  • reviewing and approving fees . These fees can pertain to products or general services that are required.
  • reviewing and approving new policy recommendations from the Membership Committee
  • annually endorse the decisions made by the Certifying Board
  • setting and maintaining policies, for example, the Bylaws as the Code of Ethics
  • Establish a short and long term vision for the organization (similar to a strategic plan where goals and the action plan for achieving each goal is outlined)
  • communicating with Members and supporting Members so that the organization's activities reflect any Member's concerns
  • maintaining ongoing programs, such as the World Peace Hologram
  • maintaining the RPA Journal
  • hosting the annual virtual conference
  • developing and overseeing new programs
  • creating budgets and maintaining fiscal responsibility
  • setting standards for certification of members
  • maintaining a registry of certified practitioners in good standing
  • adopting and maintaining a code of ethics
  • providing members with continuing education (CEU) opportunities
  • evaluating and accrediting training programs that can be recommended for the certification requirements of members
  • promoting the value of Resonance Repatterning sessions with Certified Practitioners as a means of creating higher coherence, health and well-being for individuals and groups
  • creating a positive business environment for our trade

President “The President is the chief executive officer of the Association and shall, subject to the control of the Executive Committee, supervise and control the affairs of the Association and the activities of the officers. He or she will perform all duties incident to his or her office and such other duties as may be required by law, by the Articles of Incorporation of this Association, or by these Bylaws, or which may be prescribed from time to time by the Executive Committee. Except as otherwise expressly provided by law, by the Articles of Incorporation, or by these Bylaws, he or she shall in the name of the Association, execute checks and other such instruments which may from time to time be authorized by the Executive Committee."

  • Represent the Association and its members to other organizations such as RRI, the alternative healing industry, the media, and the public
  • Maintain an online presences that represents the members and the core values of the association
  • Preside at and chair all meetings of the Members of the Association, the Board of Directors
  • Ensure decisions are made in a timely manner and then translated in to meaningful actions holding appropriate parties accountable for success
  • Work with the Registered Agent, Administrative staff, Officers, and committee chairs to develop agendas for meetings of the Board of Directors
  • Appoint all committee and Advisory chairs, except where otherwise stated in the Bylaws
  • Reflect any serious concerns the Registered Agent and Administrative staff have in regard to the role of the Board of Directors or individual Board members
  • Reflect to the Registered Agent and Administrative staff the concerns of the Board of Directors and other constituencies
  • Facilitate accomplishment of the Association’s strategic goals and objectives
  • Present to the Board of Directors an evaluation of the pace, direction, and organizational strength of the Association;
  • Initiate an annual strategic planning event that integrates board evaluations, feedback from the members and consults with the members on future directions and goals.
  • Together with the board of directors, staff and committees, devise and implement strategies that support membership involvement, contribution and volunteerism that sustains long term operations.
  • Serve as the principal contact with the Registered Agent and Administrative staff
  • Arrange job orientation and support for the Registered Agent and Administrative staff
  • Review staff contracts, post vacant staff positions and conduct a selection process with the board of directors; Make formal job offers as confirmed by the board with written contracts and job descriptions.
  • Guide the overall flow of public communication between the board, membership and the public via the use of blog, social media, email marketing and emails.
  • Train and prepare the President-elect for the responsibilities of the presidency and establish specific objectives and areas of focus for the President-elect

Length of Term: Two years

Treasurer The treasurer is also a signing officer at the bank, approves expenditures, oversees the money coming in, prepares the budget for approval by the board (with the help of admin and bookkeeper) and reports the current finances to the board on a regular basis – with the help of a bookkeeper /admin. The treasurer oversees the completion of the regular filings for taxes, business, and address that need to be completed annually. It is a job that does not take a lot of time but does take attention to details. This person must be able to open a USA bank account.

Vice President Someone willing to learn the role of president to take over when the current president must leave the post as stated in the bylaws. This person is to work corroboratively with the president to look at the big picture of the RPA, our day to day operations, and help formulate plans for the future. The vice president and president work together to identify where new policies are needed and identify new priorities for the board to consider.

  • The Vice President supports the President in all that she/he does.
  • The Vice President acts on behalf of the Present when she/he is unavailable.

Secretary Take the minutes regularly, be the keeper of the bylaws, the minutes, and invitations to meetings given, make sure notice of meetings are given and other duties as they emerge.

Registered Agent The role of registered agent is proposed as a means to resolve a key aspect of the RPA operations. This role and function looks after all of the key legal properties and entities that define the existence of the RPA. While there technically may be few physical hours of work attached to this position, there is enormous responsibility, due diligence and accountability required. However, if this job is filled with a reliable trustworthy person, the basic functioning of RPA in combination with the financial means to pay this person and maintain the virtual office costs is well assured.

The remaining tasks can be delegated to a part time administrator or board members who are paid.

Please see the Administrator Description for more details on that job.

Maintain Virtual Office With Vendors/Supplier Contracts and Admin profiles
  • Maintains the RPA Place of Residence - moves the recorded place of residence to the state where the bank account is established with registered agent as the primary signatory on the account. Arranges timely annual filing or renewal
  • Name of Bank - Serve as a signing officer at bank; access to bank terminal; work with bookkeeper as needed to prepare monthly reports; make deposits; write checks for approved expenses; monitor automatic payments; arranges for other signing officers as directed.
  • Chase/Paymentech - Serve as administrator at the merchant account to access records, add/delete new profiles, set up recurring billing for membership renewals as requested.
  • Telephone - Serve as main admin for Telephone Account and set up voice mail features as needed.
  • MailBox - Serve as main admin contact and receive mail forwarded from the UPS office in Scottsdale; reply or forward mail items as needed
  • Korax - Serve as main admin and contact at the Korax web hosting account www.Korax.com ; maintain domain and hosting renewals
  • Email List Servers - Maintain billing accounts with www.AWeber.com , Audio Acrobat
  • Other Services as determined by board, that is, Café Press.

Where possible a member of the board will serve as a second name on any of the accounts above for back up.

Financial and Banking
  • Be the backup person to accept telephone orders for membership renewals and product registrations if admin is away or the position in transition
  • Make bank deposits
  • Pay bills that have been approved by the treasurer
  • Forward deposit/ withdrawal info to book keeper
  • Arrange quarterly financial statements with the bookkeeper with the Treasurer and a Year End statement for review at board meetings; yearend statement for the annual meeting. (Typically Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun, Jul-Sep and a Year End statement Jan-Dec. The first 3 reports are reviewed within 3 weeks by the Treasurer and reported at next board meeting; the year end statement is presented to the membership at the annual meeting)
  • Arrange tax filing with the book keeper and forward to treasurer and other signing officers to be completed on time
Maintain Official Records
  • Keep required records for any audits etc at the direction of the board,
  • Most important records are Incorporation papers, Tax Returns, Incorporation Filing, and address in state of North Carolina filing. Minutes of meetings,
  • Keep corporate seal for use as required
  • Copies of any contracts or agreements
  • Maintain a current list of all accounts opened by the REGISTERED AGENT on behalf of RPA and submit the list with the quarterly financial statement to the treasurer as part of the financial report.
Manage Communications
  • Reports to the Treasurer and President of RPA
  • Provides orientation to any new President or Treasurer about the role of the Registered agent and any related current situations or issues
  • Attends board meetings as requested
  • Be familiar with board policies ( posted at: http://rpamembers.org/BoardRoom/policies.htm); implement new policies as directed by the board
Job Requirements
  • Be familiar with Resonance Repatterning training, system, and practitioner work; can answer questions from the public; an asset not necessary
  • Technically savvy and comfortable with online tasks of managing accounts
Contract Terms

3 years or as negotiated. The intent of the contract is to provide continuity between the rotation of board members.

Administrator The purpose of this position is primarily to maintain day to day RPA communications received by phone or email, answer enquiries and process membership renewals. The administrator will also be responsible to email the membership using the list server as directed by the board.

Maintain Virtual Office With Vendors/Supplier Contracts and Admin profiles
  • Remain in contact with the Registered Agent regarding renewals or documents sent by mail.
  • Spooky Login System Serve as an administrator on the website login system for the purpose of updating member records; expiry date; account active; access level, etc.
Maintain Official Records
  • Forward copies of any official records incurred to the Registered Agent or Treasurer.
  • Maintain email correspondence with official RPA email address.
Manage Communications
  • Maintain list of board/committee member contact information
  • Be familiar with board policies ( posted at: http://rpamembers.org/BoardRoom/policies.htm)
  • Implement new policies as directed by the board
  • Answer phones
  • Answer email enquires
  • Provide technical support to members needing help with access to RPA web information
  • Answer membership questions/enquires with detailed information on policy, instructions, etc. as provided by the board or on the website
  • Refer all other policy questions for decisions to board members for direct replies to customer
  • Email notices to membership, various lists as trained and directed
  • Learn the email list server (Currently Aweber) and send communications to lists as directed by the board
Board/Office Liaison and Support
  • Admin Report - provide reports to the board on office activity as requested
  • Report to the board on membership numbers
  • Prepare with Treasurer an Annual Report to membership regarding membership renewals and purchases
  • Attend bimonthly Board meetings via teleconference and other committee meetings as deemed necessary
Product Follow Up
  • Forward certification documentation received from applicants to committee
  • Receive approved certification applicants from committee and create/print/mail certificates to members
  • Provide new certified practitioners with orientation package (where to get logo, sign license with Chloe, sign ethics document, arrange certificate, set up web listing, etc.)
Membership Renewal
  • Receive online renewals or those by mail (paid by check)
  • Process each renewal by first checking their status on the Website login database
  • Verify their account and change status
  • Be familiar with fields for Account Active, Account expired, etc. and how each field is used on the website listing
  • Implement any new activity approved by the board for renewals Event Management
  • Learn to set up store products for new events and services created by the board and provide follow up instructions to customers
  • Provide assistance on events such as the annual meeting and conference as directed by the board.
Database Managements and Records
  • Update and maintain membership records
  • Website login system (known as the “Spooky” login) - Essential to record as much information as possible with membership updates and transactions
  • Maintain CEU records forwarded by Members
Job Requirements
  • Web technical skills
  • Email list server skills
  • Communication skills
  • An understanding of volunteer boards and non-profits
  • Very familiar with Resonance Repatterning training, system, and practitioner work - can answer questions from the public.

Members at large 2 Members at large to take on ad hoc committee responsibilities as needed.

Advisory Board A larger Advisory Board - that supports and provides feedback to the Executive Committee - has also been established. This comprises members in good standing. These members can be Certified Practitioners or Student Practitioners.

Membership Committee The membership committee comprises the current Board Members and the Administrator.

The Membership Committee is responsible for:

  • Continually collecting feedback from members - using the online form - and reporting back to the Executive Committee on a quarterly basis with recommendations arising from the feedback.
  • sending written notice to members to renew their membership
  • Proposing new membership fees for approval by the Executive Committee
  • planning the next virtual annual meeting and conference in conjunction with the secretary and administrator
  • evaluating all immediate critical issues
  • developing new strategies

Certifying Board The Certifying Board is responsible for:

  • developing and maintaining the Certification Manual,
  • creating and reviewing the certification policies to make sure that they are current.
  • making recommendations to the Executive Committee regarding any changes to the policies,
  • reviewing applications,
  • answering any questions posed to them by Student Practitioners,
  • receiving, reviewing and approving recommendations for certification, and
  • communicating with students, teachers and the Resonance Repatterning Institute whenever needed.