Certified Practitioner Members

Members who have met the criteria for certification and who have been recommended and approved by the Certification Board of the RPA are listed in our certification registry.

Certified Practitioner Members maintain their status by maintaining the recommended CEUs and keeping their member fees up to date. Certified Practitioner Members are also eligible to sign the Trademark License Agreement with Chloe Faith Wordsworth to use the name and logo for advertising purposes. Certified Practitioner Members have a vote at the annual meeting and may participate in the leadership and governance of the organization. Certified Practitioner Members receive all membership benefits, such as listing their services on the RPA website.

Member Types Click here to view prerequisites, annual requirements, and benefits of being a Certified Practitioner Members.

My Account The "MY Account" feature is an interactive page that provides Members with the following features:

  • Update your official contact information
  • A display of your current contact information on file including date of renewal
  • Your personal professional Goal / Code of Ethics Signature
  • A link for email subscriptions associated with your account including renewal Subscriptions
  • A display of your submitted CEU Record, administrative verification and links to update your CEU record
  • Links to update your free Website Listing
  • Links to revise your Full Page Membership Website listing

Membership Fees and Renewals Fees are set by the board of directors to meet operating costs for the RPA. The association provides a sliding scale as well as a payment plan option. Lapsed Memberships are subject to lapsed membership fees in order to retain certified status.

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