Student Practitioner

Resonance Repatterning Students who have completed the basic curriculum courses are welcomed to declare their intention to become a certified practitioner and enter the certification program. Membership in the first year includes a one time fee for the certification program, certification manual and application.

Members have a vote at the annual meeting, may participate in the leadership and governance of the organization and receive all membership benefits.

This is an essential intern level of gaining and working towards demonstrated competence as a practitioner. Only approved Student Practitioner Members may apply for certification once all prerequisites have been met.

Upgrade from Student Member to Student Practitioner Member via our online Store.


  1. Completion of the 5 basic courses
    • Fundamentals of Resonance Repatterning
    • Transforming Unconscious Patterns
    • Transforming Primary Patterns
    • Transforming Chakra Patterns
    • Transforming Meridian Patterns.
  2. Certification/verification to be provided to the RPA.
  3. Enrollment in the certification program for demonstrating competencies with one time application fee.
  4. RPA Ethics Policy Signed.

Annual Requirement

  1. Re-take 1 Resonance Repatterning Course annually with verification sent to the RPA Board for our records.
  2. Ensure that your membership dues are paid annually.
  3. Maintain annual CEU requirements.

What you get

  1. 1 year new student practitioner membership fee
  2. One time only fee for certification program
  3. Certification Manual (PDF download)
  4. Access to the student practitioner resources at private web site.
  5. Access to the RPA Certification Program web site