Student Member

Anyone who has taken 1 or more Resonance Repatterning courses are welcomed to join the Holographic Repatterning Association in this category. Students may participate on committees, the board, and receive the journal, access to this website and other benefits.

Click here to join as a new Student Member or to renew your membership fees.

This level allows students to connect with the community of Resonance Repatterning practitioners, programs and services.


  1. Completion of one or more of the 5 basic Resonance Repatterning courses, with verification provided on application.

Note: At this level, any sessions achieved, such as self-sessions given to clients, are considered to be part of the prerequisite for eligibility as a Student Practitioner Member. Only sessions completed as a Student Practitioner Member are accepted for the RPA Certification Program.

Annual Requirement

  1. Re-take 1 Resonance Repatterning Course annually with verification sent to the RPA Board for our records.

What you get

  1. Voting privileges.
  2. 4 online journals per year.
  3. Radiocast archives.
  4. Membership rates for special events.
  5. Community activities hosted on our website.