RPA Certification Program

Overview The purpose of the RPA certification journey is to enable candidates to develop a high professional standard in their practice of Resonance Repatterning and to be a positive presence in the life of another. When candidates work towards their own self-improvement, they automatically open their hearts to the potential to live life with integrity, understanding and love.

Certification candidates are motivated to embrace their ongoing process of growth, both as human beings and as Student Practitioners of Resonance Repatterning. This process serves as a catalyst for candidates to embody the positive change and coherence that Resonance Repatterning offers. There are several phases to becoming a Certified Practitioner. Once a member becomes a certified practitioner certification is maintained by meeting annual requirements.

Member Types There are several different types of membership. Members may actively participate in the development of the Association's direction and programs. Click the links below for a detailed description of each member type, including prerequisites, annual requirements and benefits of each level.

Register for the Resonance Repatterning courses To take a Resonance Repatterning course you must register with the Resonance Repatterning Institute which is run by Chloe F. Wordsworth.

Refer to her website at www.ResonanceRepatterning.net for additional information.

Training and Continuing Educational Units (CEUs) Click here to view information regarding Training and Continuing Educational Units.